When you’re in the heat of negotiating a major media or publishing deal, an attorney from Fusco Law Group can be by your side helping you achieve your dreams and goals.

As a law firm licensed in Florida, we’re experienced at advising musicians, athletes, authors, and other entertainers throughout the U.S. on how to avoid many of the legal pitfalls associated with the entertainment industry.

Making sure the entertainer’s rights are protected is an important objective for Fusco Law Group. That’s why we work alongside agents and managers to help ensure all parties understand and protect the entertainer’s performing and royalty rights.

Our services don’t end with just entertainment law consulting. As part of the entertainer’s team, we help make sure the business side of things run smoothly. That can include helping all parties stay on top of the day-to-day activities, making sure deadlines are met and that the artist complies with the contract. We can also provide the guidance necessary for operating the entertainer’s talent as a corporation.

Let Us Assist You with Your Entertainment Law Needs
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Where We Can Help You

Contract Law

  • Negotiation
  • Performing Rights
  • Royalty Disputes

Intellectual Property

  • Agreements
  • Copyright and TM Registration


Entertainment Guild Law


  • Business Formation
  • Licensing
Fusco Law Group works closely with a network of entertainment industry professionals such as accountants and other attorneys specializing in these as well as other areas of practice. As needed, we coordinate a team of experts to provide our clients with the best services to protect and advise them in all aspects of their entertainment careers.

Other Legal Areas Where We Can Help Artists and Entertainers

As a multi-service legal firm, we can also provide entertainers with legal advice on:

DUI & Criminal Defense

four images representing man being arrested by a police officer, a person speeding, drugs, and theft
While based in Jacksonville, Florida, we handle DUI and criminal cases in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Nassau, Putnam, Baker, Flagler, Hamilton, Volusia and Columbia counties. If you’re facing a serious criminal charge or even a traffic violation, we’ll stand by you and defend your rights at every stage in the legal process.

Family Law

wedding rings on a desk next to a gavel
When you’re facing personal legal issues–divorce, child support, parental rights, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence—we’re the family law attorneys that can represent your best interest.

General Practice Law

Law book and gavel in legal library
If legal problems threaten your personal rights, finances, or business we’re ready to provide you with experienced and knowledgeable support at trial, the negotiating table or contract review.